Which suckit dust boot / shoe

I am looking to order the Suckit dust boot. I have an x-carve 1000. I am not sure on which one to order. On the site they have an upgraded model for the upgraded z-axis. However they say it works on stock z-carve z axis. Otherwise they make one specifically for stock z. I currently have a stock z but may upgrade in the future and don’t want to buy another dust boot then. Does anyone have an upgraded model on a stock z. I’m just trying to see if I would have any issues doing the upgraded model of the suckit dust boot on a stock z. On a separate note…what exactly does the upgraded Z get you?.. More clearance? what is the reason for making this mod?

Thanks in advance!

Yes. I am going to order the bit changing one as well. Just didn’t know which one of the 2 to get. The upgraded version says it will work with stock z… just didn’t know if there are any issues with not having the upgraded z right now.

Some folks… (such as I…) have upgraded our Z axis to this http://cnc4newbie.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=89

The Suck it folks have adapted the dust shoe because the new Z is thicker…

I upgraded my Y axis plates to give me more height… https://triquetra-cnc.com/product/triquetra-cnc-triquetra-cnc-y-axis-end-plates/

and the new Z axis now allows me to carve on thicker stock without worry… I’d have to check when I get home, but I believe I have about 6 inches of space now… Meaning, I could put a 4" piece of wood to carve and still have plenty of up and down room…

I had my XCarve for a while before making this jump… but like any hobby (golf, fishing, drinking) there is always something new to keep you coming back for more…

Keep on carvin’

Okay… So I emailed Suckit and Jenn recommended that I buy the one without the extended arms for the upgraded z axis. She advised that I can always upgrade the arms later. The cost of the upgraded arms are $27.50. I attached a picture of the one she recommended for the stock z axis. Hope this helps everyone else out too.

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