While carving fonts the letters start getting out of line

When carving font letters they just skip about i/8 inch up for a couple of letters the jump up another 1/8 inch as they carve. Have checked and nothing is loose and all is tight. Don’t know if it is easel or my machine. Anyone have this problem? Any idea what causes this?

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Hi Doyle, what model cnc are you using? And can you share the easel project?
To share the project:
In easel go to project>share and set it to “unlisted” then copy the link shown and paste it over here.


Here is what I am having problems with. Everything looks good here. When I try to carve the letters keep skipping up about a !/8 inch as it progresses. Does this help anyone to figure it out?

My machine is a vevor 8080.

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