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While trying to generate G code i get the dreaded aw snap

the aw snap while trying to generate a g code ?? what can i do

Perhaps explaining what the problem is might be helpful to solving this dilemma…

While trying to generate a g_code or just trying to do project while generating tool paths the program runs about 15 min then I get a aww snap something went wrong and or says try reloading

So can you generate the Gcode or are you having problems running the gcode? Now a possiblity exists that if you can generate the G code, you could try running it on a Gcode sender. That would involve a download and set up. I use a stable version of the UGS-Universal Gcode sender with my laptop. It might be something to consider.

I don’t use Easel at all, but I have read that sometimes other electric interferences can impact the X carve. You may want to try and remove outside interference like a shopvac if you have one running and see what happens.


I am unable to generate g code like I said it runs for about 20 min then I get the aw snap something went wrong screen maybe I’ll try another program

Take a screenshow of your Easel design file and also a snapshot of your cut parameters.

Your design might be massive / too fine bit diameter set causing the toolpath to be generated becoming huge. Aztec calendar by any chance?

Yup an Zelda table 18 “” round got it set at 17 3/4 inch w 60 degree v bit to late for pics in my semi now won’t be back till Thursday lol