White Belting

When using white poly belting with steel cords do you tighten to the same tension. (about 3-4 lbs at 1 in)?

why such heavy duty belts?


I use those on my Z-Axis. If I could find long ones for the X and Y axis I would do the same. Where did you get your belts @MRoss?

I thought that the white would not stretch as much do to the steel cords. I have one Y belt break so I will give this a try.

Bangood.com or http://www.ebay.com/itm/10M-GT2-2GT-Width-6mm-White-Open-Timing-Belt-For-3D-Printer-/172329296204?hash=item281fa0614c:g:b6oAAOSw8oFXy2n1

But it takes about a month to get from China.

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Found this one in the states…not white, but steel cords.

I use Kevlar reinforced belts for the servo motors driving the ball screws on our CNC router and on our Shapeoko 2. Kevlar is five times stronger than it’s equal weight of steel and I have never broke one. There bullet proof. :laughing:

I changed out the pulleys & belts on our Shapeoko 2 to MXL. McMaster Carr sells the MXL pulleys & Kevlar reinforced belts.

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Thanks both of you. The black belting is 4.49 per meter the white is 1.70 per meter

I realize nobody answered your question about the tension for the reinforced belts, I have never measured mine. I make sure they are nice and snug with no play and they are all set with the same tension and everything moves smoothly.

I replace my X makerslide and am using the white. It seems it doesn’t stretch like the original belting, a couple of turns and the white seems tight with about 4lbs at 1 in. Well see how it moves in use as the white is stiffer.

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