Whitespace speeds

Is there a way to change the speeds that easel moves the machine whilst it isn’t cutting? Ie, at present you can change all your cut settings, but these are also applied when not cutting. A slow plunge job then becomes painfully slower as the bit also retracts at the same rate instead of a much higher machine capable speed. This makes drill holes insanely time consuming too. Also applies to when the machine is moving between cuts. If anyone knows how this can be done, or if not can there be an option to set machine whitespace speeds that are different to the cut speeds added?


When carving there is a speed override button just to the left of the green Carve-button. You can adjust speed from 10-200% IIRC.

One method of reducing time during plunges are to increase the max rapid rate/acceleration value within what its capable of, then drop your safety height closer to your material if feasible.

Thanks but that isn’t what I am asking. The speed override does not do what I am asking, as that would also change speed of the cut itself. As for plunging, on a drill hole the tool is lowered into the material by a plunge depth, but then removed completely from the material before the next step, making an 18mm deep hole at 1mm per pass an operation where the z moves nearly 400mm in total… At 200mm/min that’s nearly 2 mins per single hole. Allowing it to come out of the material at max speed ( in my case approx 1200mm/min) that would massively speed up the job

Read Haldor’s second sentence.

I have, read my above reply… Not just plunges, moving between items on a workpiece. If its not cutting, why doesn’t it default to max machine speed…?

Rapids are the non cutting moves.

Where within easel is this setting located? If its already there that is what I am asking, how do I do it?

GRBL parameter $112 (max rapid) and $122 (acceleration)
You access the GRBL parameters by opening Easel Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D) and to read your current values type $$ in the Console window and press Enter.
A $-list will appear.

What are your current $112 and $122 values?

Safety height is defined under Easel - Machine - Advanced