Who else drinks 12 cups of coffee a day?

who else drinks 12 cups of coffee a day if you pay attention to the cup readings on the ol coffee pot?

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preach… Ingot lazy on weekends at home where dont have free work coffee… bad headaches from withdrawal

lol I hated the free coffee when i had a day job nobody every made it right it was basically slightly flavored water

and then I would go and make coffee and it would immediately get thrown out for being to strong

Jesus Christ! 12 cups of coffee! It’s too much!
I used to drink espresso, 5-6 cups a day. But then the doctor told me, that I have erosion in my stomach and if I continue the same nutrition, it will develop into an ulcer. So I bought a handheld milk frother for work and now I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day. Not more! Health is more important! But I learned to be cheerful in a different way. For example, pranayama. This is a breathing technique. Google it. A useful thing!