Whos waiting to purchase individual X-Carve Components?

Hi there everyone.

I was just hoping to get a feel for the quantity of people who are hopeful to buy some combination of ala carte individual items to upgrade your Shapeoko 2.

I am one of those people who is anxiously awaiting part availability. I am not looking to upgrade every component that is included in the shapeoko upgrade pack, but there are some that I am very interested in such as the Z axis plate and belt system.

Given that there has been little communication from inventables, I thought it would be good to essentially get a “petition” of sorts so that inventables can get an idea of how many people are looking to buy individual parts. If there are only a few, it should make it easier for them to gauge how many parts to sell individually. If there is a large number, it could help them make necessary inventory adjustments to cover the demand.

Each time I have asked when parts might be available, I have been told they would be available for purchase in a “few weeks”. This same responpse has repeated multiple times now and the “few weeks” response has continued for several months now. I fully understand that full kits are the priority, but there should be no issues accounting for individual parts as long as the demand is fully understood.

If you are waiting for individual X-Carve parts, please make it known here. I am far from a bitter protesting customer, just someone anxious to hand inventables some money :smile:

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I was trying to get my hands on some more endplates that go on the ends of the Y-axes for a project, but they’re not available. Going to make something similar but custom out of 1/8 aluminum sheet instead.

Yup, those are them. I was hoping to use them since they’re perfect for what I need and steel, but I should be able to use aluminum for an equivalent piece, and will just make it wider and probably use more bolts to increase the strength.

We should be within 30 days now if everything goes according to plan. Sorry for the delay.

@Zach_Kaplan, that 30 day mark is quickly approaching so I thought I’d follow up with a friendly inquiry to see how inventables is tracking. Do you suppose these parts will still be available close to the 30 day mark?

We have shipped through mid day on 10/1. On Monday when I get the stats for the week I’ll post an update.

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Hey there @Zach_Kaplan, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just wanted to follow up to see if you had a chance to formulate a status on this? I’m anxious to send you guys some money :smile:

The wait is finally over. We started turning them on today.

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I am hoping to upgrade my Shapeoko 2. I would like to replace my side gantry plates with the new plates and replace the two part X-carriage with the X-Carriage extrusion.

In order to replace the side gantry plates, and the X-carriage extrusion, is it simply a matter of transferring all of the hardware? Or, are there additional purchases I need to make, in order to incorporate these?

Thank you Angus. One item that jumps out at me is 30552-01 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw M5 x 35mm qty 2 (necessary, to fit under the Z-axis extrusion, when it is mounted on the X-Carriage). It appears they are included in the upgrade kit, but it isn’t mentioned, when buying the X-carriage stand-alone and those parts aren’t in the fasteners section of the catalog. I’ve asked the question on the Inventables X-Carriage page, but does anyone here know if they are included, or where I can find them on the website? I realize I can find them elsewhere, but it can be a real pain, to buy two of a very specific size and type bolt from a 3rd party. Much better to get it from Inventables, thrown into the same package.

If you’re in the US, ACE Hardware has excellent metric selection, including stainless. I didn’t buy all the pieces for my X-Carve from Inventables, so I’m popping down at lunch time to buy screws to mount my steppers. You can buy per piece, or by box.

I guess my point is, all that appears to be needed to upgrade from the Shapeoko2 X-carriage to the new extrusion, is two bolts. I could get in the car and drive 25 minutes to an ACE hardware, to buy 2 bolts, or I could go online and buy two bolts from a 3rd party and pay shipping, on top of their markup.
Or, I can hope to persuade Inventables to include these two bolts, when they ship the stand alone X-carriage. In theory, the stand alone X-carriage is primarily useful to upgraders. Why not include the $0.20 worth of hardware, to make it truly useful.
I’ll let everyone know, what I hear back.

Got a reply back from Inventables. They confirmed that they overlooked those bolts and will soon add them to the fasteners section of the catalog.
If you are upgrading from Shapeoko 2 à la carte, you will need the following hardware, for each of the respective upgrades.

Qty Name Upgrade

  • 2 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw M5 × 35mmm X Carriage
  • 3 Button Head Cap Screw M5 × 25mm Belting
  • 3 Nylon Insert Lock Nut M5 (QTY 3) Belting
  • 2 Button Head Cap Screw M5 × 8mm Z-Axis

You can find these listed on the X-Carve Instructions page, under the “Shapeoko 2 Upgraders” heading. If you expand the “Shapeoko 2 Upgrade Kit” section, there is a parts list for the kit (minus the above hardware) as well.
Also, when you go through the instructions for the X-Carriage, Belting and Z-axis, you will find “Note: Shapeoko 2 Upgraders,…” highlighted in yellow, mentioning these hardware bits.

I’m also upgrading my SO2 ala carte style. I’m starting with the Z Axis (motivated by a DeWalt 611 spindle upgrade) and this discussion has helped a lot - thank you all. It seems that the only item not available from Inventables for this upgrade is the loop belt. I saw some references to 3rd party sources in another forum thread, but does anyone have an idea of when that item will be available here?



I was bummed to find the belt out of stock as well. I did take a gamble and buy this.


Per spec, these should be the same size but I don’t know if the quality will be the same. If they are junk, I will find a belt from a better manufacturer but at least it will get me going. My inventables parts are supposed to show up today which has me super excited!

@JeremyHanks thanks for the link! I’ll probably give that a try as well.

I may have an extra that I can send you :slight_smile: If the belt doesnt look like it will wear out and need to be replaced, I will gladly send you one the pair. I should have them in a couple of days.


Very kind of you, thanks. I actually placed an order myself so I guess we’ll be the guinea pigs for this alternate souring experiment.