Why are my tabs not cutting?

The tabs are visible in easel but when the project cut it does not leave the tabs. What could that be?

Did you measure the thickness of the material with a set of calipers? The material thickness could be different from what you entered. Could be some other thing to like if you move the z axes 2 inches does it move 2 inches. Calibrating your machine is an important step. Could also be how you set the z zero on the wood. Could be the size of the taps. There is a lot to consider here.


Bit riding too deep.

Possible reasons:

  • Bow in spoilboard causing uneven material height (and bottom)
  • Z-zero not precise due to the above or material thickness is less than stated
  • Step/mm value for Z ($102) is not fine-tuned and have a discrepancy
  • Z loosing steps, causing it to ride lower and lower
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