Why are the 1/4” shank V bits cheaper the the 1/8" shank?

Sorry if this had been asked before. I couldn’t find it. Thanks!


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Are the 1/8" shanks better? It seems the 1/4" would be a little stronger

You can find 1/4" shank everywhere. The 1/8" V bits are not nearly as common.
I see no reason to choose a 1/8" over 1/4" unless you have a small spindle.


Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I appreciate your help.

Demand. 1/8" bits are more commonly used in Dremel type tools. 1/4 shank bits were the norm for home woodworking routers at least since the mid 1970’s. If you went to Sears, which was the one stop woodworking department for a long time, that’s what was found there. Bits were generally high speed steel for a long time with a premium price paid for carbide. It wasn’t until probably the last 20 years give or take that 1/2" shank routers and router bits were available to the average woodworker, as opposed to the professional.

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