Why did I not know about this! UGS is great :D

So when I got my x carve I was using UGS 1.07. It was rather buggy. No homing, no zeroing etc. I found an older release that had somewhat compatibility with the X-carve and had been using that since. Just seen someone on youtube doing homing/probing and awesomeness through UGS 1.08. I downloaded it, damn!!!

UGS supports homing, just enable it with $$ then $$22=1.
UGS supports probing! I need to have a play with this but man it will be awesome.
Every button works as it should now. And even the option to assign macros buttons :smiley:

I’m probably really late to this but i’m excited!

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Where do they have a “UGS for Dummies” tutorial? I managed to get it to send some code, but I know I’m not getting the homing quite right, and my units get messed up a bit, etc. My gcode just isn’t quite matching up to what I need in UGS, so it works, but not as slick as I know it could. Where do us dummies learn all this stuff? :smile:

Honestly there isn’t a place to learn it. But it is quite simple. Whatever you Send In to it should be milled out as it was sent. If you’re having issues its more than likely to be your g code than UGS.

Make sure you’re using the same units for your programs, make sure you’re using a compatible g code type. Homing is simple, just hit the homing button and the machine does it for you, providing it’s all wired up correctly for limit switches.

try the 2.0 nightly build. not much in the way of feature changes but it seems a lot more stable