Why does Easel think my project has two lines

I am running into an issue thats driving me nuts. I want to cut out this bunny some of you may recognize it. For some reason Easel thinks that there are two lines on the outline and so when I try to cut it out it says that there isn’t enough space to cut it out. I have pulled one of the sides apart so you can see how it is in fact a separate line but Easel treats them like they are one line. Im not sure if its a problem with Easel or my SVG but if anyone has any ideas how to prevent easel from making two lines when there should only be one or separating the two lines so I can delete one without deleting the other.

Is this what you want to cut?


yes if you change the outer line from fill to outline then it will become two lines.

Not sure what you’re saying? the outer line is a through cut with tabs

Here you can see what I mean

I pulled the second line away on the right side

Look at my copy, see if you see the same thing

Copy of d.va bunny

yours is fine so I guess I can just copy it for this project but this isnt the first time this has happened to me so I’d still like to know why

what program did you use to create the bunny?

My normal workflow for stuff like this. Photoshop cc then I convert to SVG using Illustrator. Also in your version I cant change the depth of the pocket around the bunny, that was there on purpose in mine I just hadnt set the depth yet.

ok, not sure where the extra line is coming from then, I use Inkscape and have never had that problem

im going to make a new svg and see if that fixes the problem for me

maybe you have too many “layers” (i’ve counted 9 on the right bunny)
sometime i have the same error, try to “drag & drop” the layers so split them in easel and choose which one you want
(using inkscape to make my svg, i can chose how much"layers" i want to set each of them a depth )
or when you’re exporting choose fewer layers if you can

I know this is really old but I finally figured out why it was happening so I thought id update in case someone finds this thread. When I export out of Illustrator it asks how many decimals to make it. If its anything other than 1 then it will cause the multiple lines.

Also if you trace over a image then rasterize it’ll have two lines when you save as svg. I’m thinking it’s from the paths.

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