Why does Easel want to carve twice?

After importing my .stl file, and checking the sizes, inputting speed/feed and all that, I select “Cut outside shape path”. When I preview it, and download the g-code, it cuts 2 identical paths for each piece within the carve. It’s doubling carve times because of it.
I have a Onefinity with the Makita router. I checked and only have one toolpath; there isnt double which would tell the machine to carve both.

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Can you share your project and/or the resulting gcode?


I’m sorry about that. I completely forgot about this issue, until I went and used “Cut Outside Shape Path” tonight and it all came back to me.

Union Stars - Boxed Flags (2) (1).nc (70.3 KB)

How are you creating those rectangles? Are you importing an SVG? Or tracing an image?
Essentially, the result is because you do have double rectangles. Try changing your endmill size to half a mm and you’ll see what I mean.
Can you share your original file?

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What Neil Said 1000%.
The easy fix for this on this particular project is to use the Shape Xploder App or the Exploder App, both found by clicking the Lego button on the left… one of these apps will do the trick to separate the design into separate elements. one for the inner rectangle and a 2nd design element for the outer rectangle. then you can simply delete one… There are multiple ways to fix the issue, that’s just the one I tend to use…

this issue usually occurs by using a line drawing and the import creates a “pocket” of the line which actually creates 2 side by side lines to create the design rather than a single center line like the user usually wants…

Video created as a result of a prior forum poster about the exact same issue…

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