Why does moving the z-axis up/ down an inch in Easel only actually move it a quarter inch?

All my cuts seem to not go deep enough. I wanted to test it, so I’m telling the Easel controller to move the z-axis down an inch but measured it and it comes out to a perfect quarter inch instead. I turned up to z-axis pot thinking it was underpowered but no luck. Is this normal? Is there some kind of multiplier for z-axis instructions? Weird it’s a perfect quarter inch.

Do you have it set for the right type of feed screw?

I will venture to assume that you have micro stepping at 1/4 which make each step 1/4 of the amount of a full step.
This can be altered easily through the machine controller (CTRL+SHIFT+D)

Use this video as reference:

Check your micristepping jumper. This sounds like an issue with that. Or your steps/mm value is severely wrong.

The Z axis is supposed to use a 2X micro stepping but it seems like you have it at 8X. If you have the Xcontroller:


Bingo. I had the z-axis switches all wrong. THANKS!!

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I had no idea you could access the controls like this. thanks!