Why does the x-carve home to front instead of back

I’m new so forgive me for this question if its dumb.I have 1000mm But it seems to me that it would make more sense for the x-carve to home to the back where the inventables logo is. It’s a PITA when you secure material at the front because its always in the way. Seems like it would be a better idea to be “home” back there and then it would be great if you could set a permanent 0,0 position to the front bottom left (similar to default in AutoCAD). Or is this already possible?

You can do this (standard on many machines) if you have homing switches in the right place.

I have the homing switches in the position according to inventables instructions. Do I just flip the Y coordinate homing switch and stop?

No learn g28 and g30 coands

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To home somewhere else, you’ll need to edit the grbl settings and relocate your switches. The easier solution is to use G28 or g30 like the other guys mentioned.


You can easily change to where the Machine Zero (Homing point) is by changing GRBL $23 value:

Default setting ($23=0), the home location is the top right of your work area, with the spindle all the way up.
$23=1 Top left home location.
$23=2 Bottom of your work area to be the home location.
$23=4 Spindle down home location.

(Home Position = work piece XYZ=0 and is not to be confused with Homing)

Then once a homing point is established you can use G28/G30 to set two different points in space, one for work zero, the other for whatever.