Why does the X-Carve ship in three shipments?

Just a quick question hoping someone in the community might know. But why does the X-Carve ship in three parts ? This seems like alot of extra expense as an international customer ($500 dollars to ship), wouldn’t of it been cheaper if they were sent in a single parcel?

The components are decently big and heavy and so it is probably cheaper to send them as smaller lighter boxes than as one super heavy big box. Also, for the international shipping there will be fees and import taxes on the other side. At least one of these packages will get through without adding to the fees and taxes and so it will actually save money in the long run.

For me in NZ with the 1000mm full package, the waste board and another box came through without needing fees or taxes and the other two (yeah, I had 4 boxes) were charged. In the end, it cost me over $300 just to get my machine the final 1 mile to my house, but if they were all in one box, it might have been twice that.

As Sketch noted, these boxes are LARGE. It could probably be done as a single, but they have done a very, very good job of nesting all the sub-boxes into the main components box. Also, a combined box (particularly if it contained the wasteboard too) would be awkward as can be to move.

As a secondary thought, having the rails in the same box as the delicate components also raises the risk that a drop could let the heavier segments’ inertia crush lighter ones. Separating them into different boxes alleviates that risk. It also lets them ship cheaper to people who order just the core components, etc, since they don’t have to ship a huge combined box mostly empty. :smile:

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like to know why it takes so long to ship been 14 days as of now 10/25/18

For delivery estimate / status report please contact Inventables direct.
Email / phone details in the bottom of this link:


I feel as if I can speak to this as I am in the middle of the order process.

I ordered on 10/6. Within a few days, the motors shipped and then the controller. Several days later, the bits I ordered shipped. And then, silence…

I noticed a thread on here where someone ordered in September and was still waiting, and they mentioned they had received backorder notices. I never received such notice, but after those first few shipments, it went silent.

At the two week notice I emailed support asking if there were backorders, but they mentioned someone about a new fulfillment process and my ETA was 26OCT. This past Wednesday, I curiously emailed again, as there were no new shipments. They emailed me back and said estimated ship date was still 26OCT, maybe +1 days. They said they are holding orders until all components are in stock.

We shall see what happens. :slight_smile: The site did say “ships within 15 days”, and 15 business days is three weeks :slight_smile:

Well, I was hopeful :frowning:

Got an email that another shipment was created. “Great, this must be the final box where everything remaining is coming as one, as support said it would!”

But, the contents are just the rails…So, it looks like the wait continues. The ordering and fulfillment process needs some serious attention here.

Patience, grasshopper. :slight_smile:

You’ll need it when you start learning to use the machine, too.

Patience learning to use the machine is at least fun. Wonder if and when the machine you paid a small fortune for will even be shipped out any time soon…not so much.