Why doesn't a rough cut actually cut everything?

OK, I suspect I’m doing something really silly or I have a colossal misunderstanding of the easel software or both. Somewhere along the line Easel started offering “Rough Cut” or “Detail Cut”. I think it was a driver upgrade, but if I caused that please tell me how to turn it off. This “two cut options” change is where it all went bad for me. When I choose rough cut the machine will cut all the fill areas out but only to about half the width of the bit from the actual edge. So when it’s done I then have to run the job again in Detail cut and that cuts all the edges. How can I get the x-carve to cut the whole job without me having to run it twice?

Example: In the picture the objects in the foreground are ones that have been cut with rough cut and then detail cut and are complete, the ones furthest away are what I get from the rough cut only.

Please help and ignorant brother out here … Please!

You have 2 carves because you assigned 2 different bits.

You can go to the top right and remove the 2nd bit if you like.

OMG the nightmare is over. Thanks for the help I actually realize when I opened another project it didn’t have those two bits so I started poking around and realized that’s what that friggin + symbol was for. The unfortunate part was that on my surface pro the “X” next to the second bit was microscopic. I have been trying to get rid of that for about 2 months now. LOL

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