Why I deleted my go hard or go home post

I had made a post about cutting hard steel on my machine. Although it was a failed project I felt it was useful to what one can make with the machine with a given material. Unfortunately the post took a u turn and drove off a bridge to meet it’s fate. It was no ones fault but i felt it had lost value to the community so i had it removed. I will also be flagging comments that are off topic from other post to keep things in perspective for the ones that find it informative instead of having to read hours of comments just to find the information they are looking for. Please don’t take offense I just want to help others learn.
And for those who have asked if i have a photo of a finished karambit or other metal objects here are a few examples


Hey @ShaneBell thanks. These pictures are awesome. We are working hard to build a community of encouragement. I appreciate your efforts here.


I just want to see things like they were a year or so ago. I feel as some of us myself included have kinda lost what this place is all about.
Some things i would like to see more of

The great ideas are still here but there seems to be a divide among us. We need to come together and fill that gap
Here is what we need less of
bashing a post
going off topic I myself have done it
And I would like to see a lot less people treating others as if they were scolding a child. We are adults I think it is perfectly fine to tell someone some words of caution if they might have done something that could harm them. But some seem to like to write a novel and make post after post about how stupid a person was and that is not the kind of thing we need. I know it is a bit much to ask because we are all different. But we as a whole should stop and think before we post and try to give positive and encouraging words.


Hey everyone…I’d like to pause the posts here and propose we do a forum google hangout to talk about it face to face. I’m locking this thread down. If you are interested come over to this post which is a wiki and add your comments.

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