Why is shipping so expensive

ok so i want an xcarve …and i want to buy from inventables .those are a given but here is where it gets daft

being in the uk i need it shipped to me …and being part of a club i did ask for a “review” machine but basically got told NO …
so im back to square one .for a while now i have been trying to source the various parts from ASL and Inventables so i can save money by buying parts separately .makes sense i think because what Ive discovered is that even if i configure a basic xcarve to purchase the shipping will be almost the same cost again £400 or so !!!
WHY ???
can we have an option to buy an xcarve in parts via the store that doesn’t mean i have to refer to the BOM and hope i get everything i need and also i would be able to have a “few” deliveries with lower shipping costs …

sorry if this has gone on for a bit but its an issue for me

sorry forgot to add … or even find a way to ship with much lower shipping costs …

I think it has been mentioned that Inventables does have a “distribution center” in the UK to help reduce shipping/import charges. I’ll try and find the link for you.

Yup HERE it is, not sure how it compares on shipping and such, but worth looking into!

I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads one way or another, but one way to help on shipping costs is to exclude the “waste board”. That would take out a lot of weight (MDF) as well as size of the shipping container. I have the feeling that someone putting together a CNC knows how to measure a hunk of MDF to fit. As to the 144 (or whatever) threaded inserts, I have 8 (eight) in my “waste board” and have no problem keeping things stable due to the way I set up my machine.

Indeed. Bought my X-Carve from RoboSavvy here in the UK and saved all that hassle. Once you take into account import duties, shipping and VAT it ain’t so bad looking price wise.

Only downside? RoboSavvy don’t carry all the other nice things the Inventibles store carries :frowning:

I live a little more than a 4 hour drive away from Inventables and cost for shipping a 1000mm wasteboard was around $130 - dropping the wasteboard from my 1000mm kit knocked $250* off of my order total - a 48x48" piece of 3/4" MDF ended up costing me $18.50 locally.

*I ordered the threaded inserts separately so it didn’t end up being $250 cheaper - but close enough.

Here is a link to the UK distributor: http://robosavvy.com/store/cnc.html

thanks all but i think ill have to get in touch with robosavvy direct to see if they will let me configure my own through them ? reason being is even if i order the basic kit from them it will cost me £780 and i already have at least half the parts included so i dont want to pay for them again ,
if you compare that to cost of configuring my own kit from inventables including all the parts i need and not those i dont i will actually be paying less including shipping at total cost of £420 .

now i must also state i will be making my own wasteboard and enlarging my machine from a basic 500mm kit up to 1000x750 by buying makerslide from Amber spyglass here in uk as its pretty cheap per meter

now i realise i have just shot down my own argument but it does not make sense to me ?? shouldnt it be cheaper for me to buy from uk ?

so after all it looks like ill be buying from inventables unless robosavvy will do me a custom order !!

so quick update …got in touch with robosavvy and got reply from them basically saying that they may be looking to do configurable ordering in a few months but not at the moment ,so looks like i cant use them at moment …