Why is the cut path not contiguous?

Hello -

I’m trying to engrave an 0.125" deep channel into Corion with a .25" bit. Here is my Easel design, slightly modified for my test piece (but you can see the whole project too).

What I can’t figure out is why the bit does not follow the line path that I’ve created (except where there are Tee offs)? What it does instead, is lift up and put down and lift up and put down and lift up and put down. And what I end up with is a less than smooth channel at the 90° bends.

At first I thought it was because I created each line separately, so I grouped them, but that didn’t help. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Ken

The project is not shared so I can not see it

You should have been able to click the link My Easel Design, but just in case that did not make it through, here is the direct link. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/OiZb8u_UkTwzZh_k8avmhA

you need to share it and use the share URL all I get is;

This project has not been shared publicly

That is exactly what I did.

all I get is

Well, then maybe I need to put in a Troubleshooting request to the Easel Forum about a problem with Sharing. I know of no other way to share.

See if my share works

test share

Yours worked.

Not sure whats wrong then.

Try mine now. It might be that I copied the link, but did not click the Save option for making it Shareable. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/OiZb8u_UkTwzZh_k8avmhA

Even though they’re grouped Easel will still treat them a separate lines

Is there no way to command it to cut the line contiguously, without lifting up?

No, it has to be drawn as one continuous line, you can draw in Easel that way with a little work

see this file


my line is on the right

For me, your line was on the left. I know this because yours doesn’t have the two off-shoots. But I think I understand. You are certain that drawing the line, instead of assembling them, will result in a contiguous bit path. Right?

I need to sign off now Glenn, thanks for your input, really appreciate it.
Best regards - Ken at Innovative Media, VCU Libraries

It should, do a small test cut and see