Why is this happening?

Hey everyone could you tell why at the end of cut either universal gcoder send or fusion 360 does this?

right at the end of the cut the machine jogs to the right just before it retracts to the up out of the piece

the problem with this is the bit trys to take a full width of cut into the material

please let me know thanks

here is the gcode filethinbrackettestcut1.nc.nc (8.7 KB)

haha figured it out its the lead in and lead out settings!!

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It seems to always be some easily overlooked checked box,menu item,setting. or something on a different tab that we dont even realize was there and having an impact upon how things will run that causes us to pull our hair out or throw things, isnt it?

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You might look at MeshCAM. It has relatively few user-settable controls and produces reasonable tool paths with low effort.


Oh yeah those little check boxes are madness and sometime the descriptions are not the best lol


oooo what sign is this?


hmmm I would rather have all the option available now even if I dont know what they are for then need them and not have them you know lol I will just have to learn

will have to take a look at mesh cam though

I am still trying to get nc corrector to work :frowning:


oooo thats cool man is that the way that you pulled it off the machine or did you do a little bit of sanding? and what kinda wood is that? Alder?


oh yeah I sell a 3d oak cross carving that doesnt require sanding its really cool that you can get that sorta surface finish on wood with a router lol

and yeah funny you mentioned the stair tread I use the pine stair treads for certain projects ehh those oak ones are super expensive though

what sorta step over did you use on that sign?