Why is time 10 hrs

I am new try to make cheese board. how can i speed it up?

Can you share the file so we can take a look?


Concur with @WayneHall - you provided exactly zero details to answer your question. I could be snarky and simply tell you to increase your feed rate or depth of cut, but that recommendation would be pointless without knowing your start point. So, help us help you by posting constructive questions:


Um well that depends on what you’re doing with the cheese board. If you are simply cutting a cheese board out of a piece of stock (I.e cutting the outline like you would do with a saw) then something is wrong in your setup assuming a reasonably shaped cheese board. But if you are 3D carving the entire Sistine chapel painting on the surface, then that could be it. Since you haven’t provided any details as others have noted, hard to help. Either post a screenshot or share the file.

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You may be able to use a larger diameter bit which can use a greater stepover and depth of cut. Unless you have really fine details that require a small diameter bit, a larger bit could be a timesaver. It’s hard to say without knowing the size of the board and what it looks like. Feed rates could also be increased too.