Why not mm on easel?

I don´t use the inch, I use mm
Why don´t the easel shows mm on the board
I would be much easier to adjust the picture
to the right size before start cutting

in the botom left corner there is an option to switch inch/mm

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Yes I know that thank´s
and I use it
What I ment was all the numbers on the board is in cm
I wound prefared it to even show millimeters too

the numbers are in mm on my screen, on my board too,

but yeha, they goes 10 in 10… or 1cm by 1cm as you want

if you need you can simply add a ruler on your wastboard to measure it no ?
(or i still dont understand your problem)

How do you add a ruler on the easel,
not the wastboard (I have made one by my own)
I don´t know, I can´t find where to do it

@KristianAng, the left hand side (2D side), only has increments of 10mm (1cm). However, you could always click on the shape, then choose shape tab (as shown below) to position (or change size), your shape.

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Thank you sir
I´ll take a look on that

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