Why thinner bearings?

I’ve read where some people have had luck replacing the stock 1mm “shims” in the V-wheel assemblies with .032 fiber washers, but I can’t understand why? I’m picturing the way these things are put together and I can’t see how it would provide any advantage at all.

Can someone draw me a picture (figuratively or literally) to explain the advantage?

Dammit. Look for a specific answer, give up and post the question, then find it!


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Not up to a picture, but AIUI, the problem is that some V-wheels are out-of-spec w/ too-thin races, or the washers/shims used in them are too thick, resulting in the plate shifting back and forth as the wheel shifts from side-to-side. The fiber washers are solid enough to hold things in place, but compressible so as to not cause this problem.

I found the answer after I posted this, but that is a MUCH clearer and more condensed explanation, thanks!