Why upgrade the motors?

I’ve noticed a good amount of people have upgrade their stepper motors. What benefit does this have?
I’m wondering if I should upgrade my z motor. I have the Z-slider upgrade from cnc4newbie. I accidentally bought the 16 turn per inch version which is a slower speed and I think it’s causing my z -axis to skip steps here and there possibly. So I could either replace the motor or replace the lead screw.

There are several advantages. For one, it has a higher holding torque, so less anxiety when doing multiple tool changes. The other main reason is you can run your machine faster. I was doing 3/8" DOC at like 60IPM in hard oak a few days ago (and it will go faster for sure). It allows you to increase max speed, rapids, etc. My machine physically moves quicker than a stock machine. Usually this upgrade is done in tandem with a 9mm belt upgrade. Also, the motors generally have higher torque across the band, so even when running slower they have more power than the smaller motors which is good for aluminum and other hard materials.


Is there a recommended motor to go with that won’t touch the xcontroller on the y-axis if you have the side-board?

just slide the x controller over further, loosen your screws on the MDF so it clears. No big deal.

i would think of all the things to upgrade the Y-axis is least useful as you already are running it with two motors. I’ve got new motor coming for Z (cnc4newbie) and X but don’t plan on upgrading Y. Plus the recommended 270ozin motor people like from the automation technology site is dual axis (rod pokes out both sides) so going to poke out with spinning action if used on Y (I guess could hacksaw off the rear axis?)

I thought the same thing, but it doesn’t really matter. Yeah the shaft sticks out, but it doesn’t really affect anything of importance.