Why would you ship only half?

I ordered the 1000mm X Carve and got a notification that my order was being shipped via UPS. I worked from home on the day of scheduled delivery, so that I could be here for it. Delivery comes and it’s one box. I open the box and there are no rails, waste board and a few other items.
My question is, Why would you not ship the entire unit in one shipment? I now have a box of components that will sit there for another week until I get the rest of the items.
For future orders PLEASE ship everything together.

Not from my first observation.

They probably did ship everything together. Have you tracked each package.?

I recently ordered the 750mm X-Carve. Inventables shipped what they had in stock at the time ( rails and core components) via USPS in 2 boxes. Now, I live in Sydney, Australia. 1 box went Chicago, Sydney, home. The other box went Chicago, Sydney, Tokyo, Sydney, home. You can’t blame Inventables for incompetent delivery service.

I’m glad to read this tonight about shipping issues my friends thinking about buying 5 x carve for our business. We decided to wait until the company finds a different way of shipping their product in one box. Until then we keep watching the forum be we decided to buy. We learning lot on this forum chat. Thanks

I would wait until after the first of the year, so they have the opportunity to catch up on orders. I spoke to someone in customer service and from what I gathered is they have been swamped this season. I wasn’t expecting it to come in one box, but multiple boxes shipped together. Good luck with your business.

I probably wait until next year and I would probably pay more for shipping, My friends and I started a small business helping troubled kids to keep them away from gang and drugs. Kids, we have now they learning building custom cabinets and different kind woodcraft. One of the kids told me about this cnc x carve they like to learn about this equipment to make signs. Paying for more for shipping it be worth it to help a kid in his or her life. We learning about this x carve so teach the kids how to use it in safe way

They probably ran out of parts and pieces. They just had a sale so their orders may have picked up. I got mine though this sale. I got two emails last week. One that most everything had shipped and another saying that some things were back ordered. I’ve got all of the main system, built it and have done some test cuts and carves. Just having to keep an eye on the cables. The drag chain and dust collection system are still on back order.