Wide Maker Slide not Square to Y Plates

So, I have been fighting with my new X Carve not squaring up properly. Even with gauge blocks in place then turning the machine on it would roll back slightly on one side and screw me. So I started messing around and loosened all 4 end plates on the the y axis and loosened all v wheels and tried again thinking my base might be out of square some where. That wasn’t it, then I took a square and held it to the Y plate and Wide Maker Slide, sure enough it is not square at all. The left side about 12 inches out has a gap of about an 1/8 of an inch on the square and the right side almost a 1/4. Is the maker slide just cut bad ? or is there some adjustment I am missing. Any tips to remedying this would be greatly appreciated.

That sounds like a call to the Inventables support team, the cuts shouldn’t be that bad (out of square)

Ok so I basically pulled the machine apart and am rebuilding alot of it, my base was off a little so i am correcting that, but the wide maker slide is definitively cut bad, so i am going to look into modifying or shimming it to correct proportions.

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Inventables will certainly take care of an issue like that. CS is top notch.

Yeah after looking at it and scratching me head, I am just going to call them tomorrow and see if I can get a replacement. Thanks again everyone.