Wide Makerslide - Limit Switch flip beware!

This is more of an FYI post as I tried searching and had no luck, so for others that are upgrading to the one piece makerslide, this is for you.

Be sure to check your limit switch on the back of the X-Carriage!

I almost made a mistake of running the machine and was doing a double, double-check of all screws and tightness and slid the X-C to realize it wouldn’t hit the limit switch.

Obviously it’s an easy fix by just flipping the switch, so that’s the good news. Bad news, I hate these little pansy bolts and and nuts that hold the limit switches. From checking the current install instructions, its good to see they’ve replaced these!

I’d post my pic of it being flipped, but I’ve yet to find my 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" toolset to stop that limit switch nut from spinning…


I searched before posting and came up empty… So maybe this will be helpful for the folks that search the type of terms I do (and I have pretty pictures… :slight_smile: )

Had to use snap ring pliers to hold the nut:

But was able to get it flipped


@Zach_Kaplan the assembly instructions need more animated gifs !!


thanks for adding more keywords to this post! :slight_smile:

Even though the actual product says limit switch in the description and was originally called that when I purchased, I do see they’ve updated the instructions to call them a home switch. Thanks for sharing!


If you do a pull request on the instructions you can add them in!

@Zach_Kaplan, wrong mention.

I may just do that.
Like others, I strongly believe the quality in the assembly instructions went downhill towards the end.

If you really want me to do a pull request, give me a private invite to the easel source code… I’d be all over that like a dog on a three-legged cat.

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