Width & height issues in easel

Grateful for any assistance, have imported an image into Easel of a spanner - smoothed the edges and adjusted the sizing but the width and the height in easel are inversed. When i adjust the width it is adjusting the height and vice verse. This is not related to the x carve and i have no idea why this is doing it. Any thoughts would be grateful (ps i am a complete novice but do know my x and y axis :slight_smile:

much appreciated
M Latt

Hello Mark,
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I’ve never heard anyone with that problem, when you adjust your height in Easel its adjusting the width? Are you typing it in or are you using the mouse to enlarge the image? When you say image of a spanner are you talking about a wrench?


Hi Russell, thanks for coming back to me, yes i am referencing a wrench, if i enlarge the image itself or adjust via typing visually it looks wrong. For example if i advice easel the height is 250mm (Y) and width of 50mm (x) it is showing that the width as 250 and the height as 50mm so my spanner/wrench is all squished up. very odd. I am trying to take an image and then create a inlay of the spanner so i can physically inlay a metal spanner in the wood, things were going well but the dimensions seemed off in terms of the cut was always small and i was going to calibrate the machine so see if my x or y were off but then thought i would start from scratch again but now easel is now intverting my x and y. any help would be grateful.

I don’t know why it would be inverting the directions. The only thing I could offer is to restart your computer. I have done what you’re talking about before, I refer to them as shadow boxes. I take the wrench and lay it on a piece of white paper and use a sharpie to trace the image. Then import it into my design software and convert it to a vector.
Hopefully someone will respond with an answer as to why the X and Y are inverting.
Sorry I wasn’t more help

Thanks Russell much appreciated, i did try the “turn it on and off again”, but sadly has not worked. I wonder whether the image file was corrupt or something. Will try again.

thanks for you advice
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That’s possible, could you share the file? and someone else can try it to see if its doing the same thing?

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I have had that happen before, did you change the angle of the image, rotate it or flip it?

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