Width Limit on Cabinets

Is it possible to exceed the 48 inch width limit on all cabinets? Just thinking down the road for design of maybe buffet or larger built in entertainment, etc.



Great question! I’ve got a follow-up question for you if you don’t mind!

Let’s say you’re building a 60" or even 72" wide base cabinet for a buffet or entertainment center. Would you want any internal supports, dividers, or splitters to break up the inside space of the cabinet and provide additional stability? If so, would these components go vertically or horizontally (or both) across the inside of the box? Please share any other details about how you might approach a cabinet like this!

Structural integrity is one concern that has factored into our existing limits for box dimensions. That said, changing limits is something we can do - we just want to make sure that the limits are reasonable and don’t allow for highly impractical cabinet configurations.

Thank you again for reaching out! We love seeing questions and feedback come in from folks who are using Easel Cabinetmaker!


You are correct that for that size cab you would need divider supports I believe. It would also be nice that you can add in the shelving additions.

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