Wig's projects

Hi all,

I’ve had my machine for a year now and have benefited from the inspiration of others in this forum. I thought it was only fair to share some of my projects should it inspire others.

My most recent project is a bar sign for my father. It’s .75" MDF and designed in Vectric. I used BIN primer (great on MDF), normal spray paint and shellac as a top coat.


Nice work looks good.

Very nice work

Awesome job. Great finish

Very nice. Am especially impressed by the paint job.

I like the pattern in the back ground, how did you accomplish that?

I used a texture toolpath in Vectric. I’ve never tried that before nonetheless on MDF. You could say that this was a test piece but it worked out fine after cleaning up with a wire brush.

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And another reason for me to branch out from Easel! So far I have been able to make Easel do everything I want it to but bigger things are to be had. Thanks!

thanks Nicholas, will try doing it and may post the results here. appreciating. if you have any tips - deeply appreciated

No problem. Let me know if you have questions on anything specific.

Very good job how did you get the border for the sign it is alsom again good job also like the finish

If you mean the design/shape of the border I just created a circle and rectangle and trimmed it. As I mentioned earlier I used Vectric so I’m not sure how this would be done in Easel. I don’t use Easel all that much but you could likely do this by grouping a circle and rectangle at 0-depth and creating a smaller copy of the grouping.