Wildhorse 3D Probe

Can this http://www.wildhorse-innovations.com/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=80 be used with the standard configured X Carve or do I need to change/add some electronics ?

Electrically it should be OK to use this probe although the LED should be disconnected as the controller probe pin is configured as an input.
Physically it may be a challenge, there’s not a lot of Z axis clearance in an X-Carve.

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Haven’t thought about the z clearance,thanks.
But where do one connect this to the Arduino ?

I also bought the x controller a while back,havent hooked it up yet but plan to soon.So if I buy the probe I guess the x controller is to be used with it.

But as you point out the biggest challenge might be the height limitations

According to the grbl source code, PROBE is pin 5 on the Arduino Uno.

Thank you GeoffSteer :+1::slight_smile: Then i know when/if i decide to go for the probe…seem like a great option to be able to copy almost any item and “print” them out on the cnc :grinning:

Here’s what the grbl wiki says about probe:

$6 - Probe pin invert, bool

By default, the probe pin is held normally-high with the Arduino’s internal pull-up resistor. When the probe pin is low, Grbl interprets this as triggered. For the opposite behavior, just invert the probe pin by typing $6=1. Disable with $6=0. You may need a power cycle to load the change.

NOTE: If you invert your probe pin, you will need an external pull-down resistor wired in to the probe pin to prevent overloading it with current and frying it.

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