Will Carbon Fiber cut easily on the X-Carve?

Will I be able to cut carbon fiber with the X-Carve?
Are there any materials where extra precautions are advised, or materials that should be altogether avoided? (I assume steel is not possible.)
I will primarily be cutting carbon fiber, aluminum, wood, and nylon.
Thank you!

Carbon Fiber and PCB materials need very good dust control. The exhaust should be ported outside and use a Hepa filter in your shop vac, bag if possible. We have found that even with good dust collection, the smell of some materials is hard to overcome , porting the exhaust helps this. Even when just changing/emptying your dust collection or shop vacs people should where proper respiratory protection.

WARNING! those little dust masks are only better than nothing by a little bit, please invest in a particle respirator if you plan to use these type of materials. We spend all this money on these nice machines, isn’t your health worth $25. Same goes for Safety Glasses people!


A respirator is a good safety precaution for carving carbon fiber. The particulates are dangerous.

Another strategy I have seen people use is to carve carbon fiber under water. This way the particle don’t get released into the air. When you are done you dispose of the dirty water.

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I’ve been doing hand made carbon fiber parts for years now, always with a respirator, but I’ve never seen it machined under water. Very interesting option! I have a plywood/plexi enclosure with exhaust that needs a small bit of modification to adapt to the X-Carve.
Thank you for the info, Friends!

how does the x-carve motors handed being run so close to and (bit) in water? is this even a recommended option?