Will easel do photocarver CNC milled photos?

I would like to do photos with dots or waves a seen on you tube.
I would like to up grade to a taller height as seen in the forum.
I previously ask about box joints and was pleasantly surprised with 3 answers with in minutes. THANKS
If I can do these 2 things, I will purchase the larger machine

THANK YOU for your quick response. I do not own the x-carve at this time, but if I can up grade to something like what
@Erikjenkins did with both the height of the plates and the longer z axis I will come up with the money some how.
I am 69, retired , and have a degree in machine tool technology where I had exposure to CNC I love wood working, so I thought about putting the two together. my discretionary in come is some what limited. there for I would need to be able to be able to make things that I could sell to help offset the cost.
As for the the photo carving, I would like make photo of my family for my extended family, while I still can function .This I will do out of pocket.
I have hundreds of ideas that I would to try. But I would need support, and from what I have seen so far, I will get lots of support from many GOOD people such as yourself. THANK YOU again for your time to answer an old mans question

LIke this?


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This is one of two types that I have seen, the other was a wavy diagonal line. Will easel do these photo types?

THANK YOU for you reply

Thanks again . this is what I needed