Will my XCarve cut on Starboard?

i have some leftover starboard from old projects on my boat and id like to put it to good use with my new 1000 mm.
Has anyone tried using this material before?

No, but it works on Port just fine. :wink:

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That’s an awfully Stern response.

(Actually am curious about what “Starboard” material is.)

Okay, so I Bow to google and its ability to turn up information.

Looks like a very interesting type of plastic. The sales page for it says “You can use table saws, drills, blades, and bits with our polyethylene sheets.” and so I would say the X Carve would machine it just great.

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ha. its a plastic like composite use for marine purposes mostly like dash panel installations, etc.

thanx. i didnt see that part. thats great.

I thought the material was more like hElm.

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sorry i don’t know what hElm is…im new to this.

I’m pretty sure starboard is just HDPE… Maybe manufactured with tighter tolerances. Should cut like butter.

Starboard, Port, Helm…nautical jokes

Not sure all grasped the plot

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Starboard is just UV resistant HDPE. Yes you can cut it on X-Carve. Use a single o-flute acrylic cutting bit. I use it also I have used 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4". good luck

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Thanx!! Thts just the info i was looking for. :ok_hand:t3:

Got a link for the bit you suggested?

I sea what you are all doing now