Will someone 'rent' out time on his X-Carve for a single project?

I have been doing linoleum prints for years (manually…) but am now wondering if I should switch to have the cutting done by an X-Carve machine.
Before I jump in a buy one I would like to see if it works!

I am looking for someone who has an X-carve machine and can cut a sheet of linoleum for me (something like in the attached photo), dimensions may be 8x12". Cutting depth is about 1/16". Will need a machine with a 1/16" bit at least. I will supply material (the linoleum sheet will be mailed to you) and I do have a .svg file ready to go. And I will pay for your time to carve the sheet for me!

Interested please reply to depury6 at yahoo.de



I would gladly do it for you but I am in the US. Maybe someone closer to you will find your post.

Are you cutting this to make a print or is it the finished piece? I can tell you without doing a test that the X-Carve will cut this perfectly and without issue.

I AM in the US despite the email appendix.

Thanks for the assuring words. Do you want to respond to my attached email address and we go from there? And how do you want to get compensated for cutting the sheet for me?


depury6 at yahoo.de

If you’ll cover any return shipping cost or bits that I may need, that is fine. I should have a bit here that will work.

Your file will need to be a nice clean vector .svg. ready to go. One thing I won’t have time to do is work on setting up or cleaning up the file. That image would take a good bit of time to trace.

We can swap shipping info through the forum messaging system. I will send a message.

Hi Jason,
sure, I’ll cover postage and any expenses of yours!

I have converted the jpg into a .svg file last night, I have used a free web form for that purpose. The file is attached. I looks ‘fine’, though a little changed to the original jpg, and I have test-loaded it into Easel, but as I have no machine to run the file on I cannot tell if it’s functional. Nor can I tell if it needs clean up…
Any advise is appreciated. In particular I’m not sure if the details of the file are too ‘detailed’/ intricate and may corrupt the process of carving.

If it works my idea is to use photos, render them ‘slightly’ and then have them carved into linoleum to make prints. Something like on the attached 2nd file, maybe.

Can send you a linoleum sheet over next week!



Beautiful pieces. would love to see more and possibly buy some.

Your linoleum arrived today. I’ll work on it this weekend.

Still interested in other prints. Do you have a gallery or other photos of designs?

Any pics of the finished piece?

I will have to look. I may have sent it out without taking a photo.

I’d be interested in seeing a finished print.