Will the Dewalt 611 overheat in an enclosure?


I will be getting my X-Carve at some point today. It is the 1000mm model and I plan on milling mostly wood and some plastic. I got the Dewalt 611 110v router as a spindle for it.

I am preparing my shop for the CNC machine, and I was planning on building a fully-insulated enclosure for the machine. I’m talking plywood > insulation > MDF for the walls, floor, and top. Obviously also with a plexi window and a hole in the top for the dust collection system. I guess I will need to add some holes in the bottom for air intake as well, for the vacuum to actually work.

So my main worry is heat. With such restricted airflow to the machine, is my spindle likely to overheat? Should I put off on doing this until the day I upgrade to a watercooled spindle? What if I had an extra vacuum hose going to the top of the spindle, to suck the warm air out of the top of it? Or does the router automatically blow air downwards?

It’s also worth noting that the machine will be in an un-conditioned metal shed, and it will be in Houston, TX, where temps get very high.


I just replaced the speed controller. It was bad and was randomly changing speeds. Would not function when i adjusted dial. Easy fix. 5 minutes.

I’m a bit confused here. Was this reply supposed to be for my thread? I am asking if the router will overheat. I am not saying that it already did overheat.

No it won’t , run mine enclosed longest carve wad 8 hours…

Thanks, but what was the ambient temp? I will be in a metal shed. Basically it will be outside, but in the shade with little airflow around the enclosure. Houston temps regularly get above 80F, even in the fall and winter. Spring and summer push 90F and 100F, respectively.

I’m in the desert I ran mine in 70 f and in my shop with the ac off over 80 f it does get warm but with tool changes and stopping to vacuum the work off I think it cools down some.