Will the first arduino uno work with the xcarve?

I tried to save some money and use some of the parts I had laying around(steppers, arduino, etc… but it has just been a giant pita cause I did)… anywho, it looks like my uno is the very first revision, so one of the sets of pins on it looks to be 2 pins short of the newer revisions. Specifically mine is missing the “ioref” and another seemingly blank pin next to that.Will this board still work?

I don’t think the ioref pin will cause an issue, but I’m not very sure. You could connect it and try. It shouldn’t hurt anything. If anything, the X-carve may behave a little funnily.

You can get clone boards pretty cheap. I got this Sainsmart Uno for $13, and it works perfectly.

I’ll just try it out tomorrow when I get my other parts delivered. Worst case I can just go the microcenter by my house and get one. Amazingly on 6 bucks: http://www.microcenter.com/product/431997/Uno_R3_MainBoard