Will the x-carve will handle what I need?

I create art with screws, I pre-drill all the holes. The last one was 6000 screws drilled by hand into 3/4" birch plywood. So I will definitely be playing with the carving capabilities, but what I need off the bat is do drill a boat load of holes in a specific pattern, is that something that I should be able to accomplish with the x-carve?

Yes it will, as long as the sheet of plywood you are working on will fit within the working area of the X-carve you purchase.

You will just need to place the 6,000 circles on your CAD drawing with a depth of cut for each one (they can all be same depth).

It will take a pretty long time to drill bunches of holes since an endmill will not drill a hole as efficiently as a drill bit.

But you could also have a drill function if you use the right CAM software and then you can use a drill bit.

Either way @JFrance.art it should handle what you are wanting to do if like Allen says, your work piece fits inside the working area on the X-Carve. (and even then… it is open source so you can mod it to be bigger or smaller)

Suggestion on software? I thought I would be able to just use a drill bit and go for it.

@AllenMassey it will take a while, but I won’t be doing it myself :grinning:

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Vcarve desktop has a cribbage board type function that you can make patterns and the like that is made specifically for drilling holes however the work area is limited to 25x25 with out tiling

The drill function in fusion360 dose a very quick and clean operation of hole drilling with a endmill in wood. I was quite impressed at this function in fusion. you can make a svg and import it into fusion and create your hole then have it place many copies of that hole along a path.

If you have a drill bit with a cutting diameter exactly equal to the diameter of the hole diameter and a shank size that will fit into one of your collets then you could use the drill bit. Of course the Software you are using to create the tool path would need to support plunge drilling.