Will X-carve controller work with Openbuilds NEMA 23 stepper motors?

I have an X-Carve controller I’m hooking up to a Routakit CNC machine (a Shapeoko clone that had unusable software).

The machine has Openbuilds NEMA 23 stepper motors (and the same end stops as X-carve) - can I just hook up the stepper motors? Will this work?

More info on the Openbuilds stepper motors:
NEMA 23 with 1.8° / step
Here’s one on Alibaba with the same number https://motechmotor.en.alibaba.com/product/60580985672-803853045/Nema_23_CNC_Stepper_Motor_1_26Nm_2_8A_Single_Shaft.html



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