Win 7 Fresh Install not connecting to Easel

I know there are numerous posts on this subject and I searched last night and couldn’t find a solution. I was running everything fine with XP Pro and did a Win 7 fresh install on another disk and can’t connect to Easel now. Com port 3 in device manager shows the arduno is using that port but UGS and Easel will not connect. In UGS the message I get is: Error opening connection(jssc Serial Port Exception) port name - Com 3; Method name Open Port:) Exception type Port Busy.

Any ideas on this? oh yea it did work on Win 7 until 168 updates were applied then every thing went south. I even disabled AVG.

Any help is appreciated and sorry if I missed the solution in a previous post.

You can only have one connection to the Arduino. So, you cannot run Easel, UGCS, Chilippeper or any other program that uses the COM port at the same time.

Shutdown all programs except one and see if you can connect.

If that doesn’t work then go to the Device Manager and disable the COM port the Arduino is attached to and then re-enable it. Maybe the port is hung.

Ok very strange. I wasn’t trying UGS with Easel open or vise versa. I did disable com 3 and then re-enabled it and UGS worked fine. Then I shut that down and loaded up Easel and tried the machine setup and it just hangs before you can even enter a com port. So then I shut Easel down and tried UGS again and got the same message I posted in the first post here. I don’t understand why UGS would work once then not again after trying Easel.

Obviously something is hanging the port. Try re-installing the Arduino driver. Maybe the updates screwed something up.

Also, to eliminate Easel as the problem. Re-set the port then try UGCS twice in a row to see if that hangs also.

In the process of re-installing Arduino driver but UGS worked fine after starting/stopping then restarting again. As soon as I try to load Easel it locks everything back up.

Win7 seems to have a problem with the latest autodetect version of Easel local. Try downloading and using the version that Zach mentions in this post and see if it fixes your problem

Well I re-installed Arduino and all that did is assign com 4 to it, Easel still locks everything up when trying to use machine setup. I’ll try Easel Local if I can find the link.

Re-installed EaselLocal 0.2.3 and it did nothing. UGS works fine as long as I don’t try to load Easel up. I even disabled windows firewall and AVG and still nothing. Forgot to mention I’m using Google Chrome

You want V0.2.2, which Zach links to in the thread I posted. 0.2.3 tries to automatically guess the right COM port, 0.2.2 you have to manually enter. I haven’t downgraded mine yet, but if my machine goes to sleep between jobs, I have to reboot to get Easel to work again.

You can install the earlier version 0.2.2 for Windows of the Easel Driver.

Where to I look to verify the correct easel driver is installed?

I had similar issues. Using Win7 pro, UGS and GRBL 0.9i. I had to go back to GRBL 0.8c. Now there are no issues with connecting to Easel or to UGS. At least I can investigate some issues while working toward upgrading to the newest GRBL version.

Hi Zack
I am having trouble as well with Windows 7 I have saved 0.2.2 but every time I go in to machine setup it defaults me to use 0.2.3 but I have deleted the file from my computer. I am not computer expert so I am not sure exactly what I am doing wrong or not sure how to install 0.2.2.

Hi @Kasba please contact Inventables Customer Success department. They can walk you through it. 312-775-7009 during business hours or message them and they will email you back.