Win an X-Carve (and vote for your favorite new business)

Hi, everyone!

As some of you may know, we’re currently hosting an X-Carve Business Bundle contest. If you’re interested in entering, the deadline is Saturday, March 31 at 11:59 CDT.

The contest is open to everyone: current X-Carve owners and anyone without an X-Carve.


If you don’t have an X-Carve yet but want to start or grow a business, answer these two questions in a two-minute video:

  1. What is your business or business idea?
  2. How will X-Carve contribute to your business’ success?

If you already use your X-Carve to make some money, answer these two questions in a two-minute video:

  1. What was the turning point in your business?
  2. How has X-Carve contributed to your business’ success?

All entries must be in the form of a YouTube video submission. Videos cannot exceed 2 minutes in length (they can be shorter than 2 minutes). Submissions must be uploaded to YouTube and set to “public” or “unlisted.” Once uploaded, email your YouTube video URL to


Even if you’re not interested in entering the contest, you can still help us pick the winner! In addition to the judging criteria listed on the contest information page, videos with a higher number of “likes” on social media have a better chance of winning.

Vote on the non-machine owner videos:

Vote on the current machine owner videos:

Questions? Comments? Please email us at We hope to see some more entries in the next week!

Psst: there are not many entries for current machine owners.

If you have a machine and want to win a second X-Carve, please submit an entry!


The deadline is approaching fast. Any current owners want to enter?