Windows 10 - make sure to disable automatic update restarts

If you are running win 10 on a machine driving the X-Carve make sure to disable auto update reboots. The damned OS decided to reboot during a rather long carving today completely ruining the workpiece. :-1:

So go here and fix it. Have the damn thing notify you in advance, which is not default:

Edit: typo spotted


This got me too! why these things happen an hour and 28 minutes into an hour and 30 minute carve is beyond my comprehension.

This is a good tip. Iā€™m not sure why automatic update restarts are done by default. You would think they would at least ask you permission rather than assuming restarting your computer was more important than whatever you were currently doing.

Any Windows programmers out there know if we can detect this in Easel and let the user know before they start that they are at risk of an automatic reboot?

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Sorry this happened to you but thanks so much for taking the time to warn others!