Windows 10 to windows 7

I have Windows 10 on my desktop inside and a Windows 7 laptop in the garage. When I receive my 1000mm X-Carve it will be in the garage also. My question is if I create on Easal on the 10, put it on an SD card and use the card on Windows 7 on the garage laptop, will it work? I ask because I have to install drivers on each and want to know if the drivers on the SD card cause problems with each other.

Easel is cloud based. Do you get a wifi signal in the garage?

Yes wifi in garage. Just curious if the drivers from Windows 10 on the machine with 10 drivers it’s created on cause a problem when it’s transfered to a Windows 7 machine by SD card with Windows 7 Easal drivers. Are the drivers only on each machine or are the drivers info also transferred with the SD card?

Drivers are only on the computers.

But the SD card is unnecessary.

Open the Easel website and design your project on the Windows 10 machine.

Open the Easel website on your Windows 7 machine and open the previously created project, then run it.

That is absolutely perfect.