Windows 7 or Windows 10

I’ve searched, read and read more that Windows 10 will and will not work with Easel. Is Windows 7 an option? I have VCarve Pro but will likely use Easel too. I’m waiting on the Controller to arrive and either need to build or purchase a PC just for the XCarve. I’m not sure what to think after reading about issues with both operating systems.

I have the parts to build a PC and a Windows 7 license just laying around.

Any advise is appreciated.

I had zero problems using easel with windows 10. I’m not going to go so far as condone or recommend an OS but it definitely works. Its browser based so I would think it wouldn’t be very OS specific.

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I had to buy a new laptop. Window 10 has not been a problem. I have had no problems at all. Good luck

I run my X-Carve from a Win7 laptop with no problems.

I have used both windows 7 and 10 with the old arduino / gshield setup. I would say if you have a 7 license just stick with that. If anything you won’t be out anything

I’ve ran with Win7 (Laptop & Tablet), Win10 (current Laptop) and an iMac without any trouble from any of them.

Windows 7 had an end of life / mainstream support as of January 13, 2015…
Microsoft won’t end security updates for your Windows 7 PC until Jan. 14, 2020…

Great info - thanks for the feedback!

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I did have problems with easel and windows 7. I think it was really the driver and windows 7 combination that did not play well. I got a windows 10 laptop and have not had a problem since. I use v-carve on windows 7 with no problem at all.

Easel will now only work through Windows 10. My 3D computer (Win10) locked up requiring me to change to another computer. (Win7) Com ports refused to connect. Machine worked fine through Grbl Controller. Win 7 not even available as a Legacy system. Support advised Win 10 only from now on.
Not Happy with this. Will also affect everyone with Win 7 computers.