Wine Barrel staves

I have done some wine barrel art prior to my purchasing of my x-carve using a jigsaw. But, I wanted to know if anyone has ever used the x-carve on wine barrel staves. The issue I foresee having is the arch of the staves and setting up the x-carve and easel. Some of my work is here:

You won’t be using Easel for this unless you’re doing small designs that cut all the way through. If the curve is consistent from piece to piece, you could use a model created in a solid modeling program like Fusion 360. Another option would be to probe the curved workpiece with bCNC, chilipeppr, or gcode ripper.
Your work looks great! I can see where a CNC would be handy.

Your work looks great.
But I’m surprised that you haven’t gotten a cease and desist order for copyright infringement.
I know someone that did the same thing and did get the order.
i used to make them but quit for that reason.

Thank you! I’ll have to look into those options, as this CAD stuff is all new to me.

Thank you! I know, I’m waiting on that order to come sooner rather than later. However, I wonder if there is a certain limit made before they become concerned. I’ve only made one of each so far.


What was the basis for the copyright suit?

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It is only what someone has told me from their personal experience.
I’m sure that the basis would be on the proprietary design and or verbiage.
I was making Harley signs but have since quit.:wink:
Its my understanding that they are especially aggressive.
I just don’t need it.