Wine Glass Display

So I have been working on Christmas gifts for the family and have run into a peculiar issue. Here is what I have done and what the machine does.

  1. My first several passes I used the 2nd and 3rd project windows and cut the project out in 2 passes.
    a When running page 3 first, it would cut the left pocket first, the center pocket 2nd and the right pocket 3rd (which is a copy of the left side flipped 180*) would carve a little different, it would dip in a bit on the right side, raise up and move to the left side of the right pocket and finish the pocket at that depth then raise up and go back to the far right side, rinse and repeat. with no issues taking about 8 minutes.
    b. I would run 2nd page no issues
  2. I decided to combine the 2nd and 3rd page and make one carve. When I start this one it completes the center pocket first then alternates the right and left pockets at each depth taking up a ton of time moving back and forth. Once all three pockets are done it runs the perimeter with no issues.

I can continue on without any issues, I just think it is strange that the carve would change that much just by combining the 2 carves.


Thanks, Drew

Owt to say but Easel does some weird things…sometimes good, bad or inexplicable…

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I like using Easel it is simple and easy to learn. BUT this is a downside to it. Combining as many element as you can into one continuous element will help keep it from jumping around.

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I tried combining all the pieces and it just made one big pocket and took out the insides. I also tried combining just the inside pockets this morning and it looks like it will do the same thing but I will check it out this weekend when I get back in the shop. Thanks, Drew

Oh, and thanks to Evan and Katelyn for the right angle clamp thing :slight_smile:

Very nice post a picture of a complete one. Sometimes you can make it work combining the elements sometimes you cant. When you can it will shorten your carve time.

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