Wine rack for charity

I used the xcarve to make the designs and inlays for this wine rack.


Awesome work!

Very nice work!

That looks great.

very cool.

This is awesome! Well done on the inlay. I also recently used the Carve/Spray Paint/Plane method on a sign for my in-laws. Works like a charm.

On the inlay, did you use the Inlay tool in Easel?

The first inlay I attempted with Inkscape, just trying to get all of the radiuses right. The second try I used the inlay tool and it worked much better. I can’t wait until easel has vcarve inlay functionality so we can inlay with sharp corners.

Did the inlay using the inlay tool fit as tight as you liked? The last one I did was much looser than I wanted, even though I set the tolerance to 0. There was very likely some user error.

It was fine for me. I wouldn’t go deeper than 1/4 inch to keep things tight. If you go deeper then that, things will loosen up as the job runs. Also, on the first pass for the inlay pocket I just had it cut the outside edge. I did this by putting overlapping circles inside of the pocket in the design and setting their depth to zero. That way my first pass didn’t have to cut all of the waste material in the center of the pocket with my 1/8" bit. I then copied the circles to another design and set their depth to the depth of the pocket and ran another job with a larger bit. It didn’t take too long to do this. Also, wood will expand as it soaks up wood glue. So your joints will tighten up after you glue them. If you sand the face while the glue is still wet, you can also get the sanding dust to fill in any larger than normal gaps as it sticks to the wet wood glue. All of this is a bit of an art, I’d practice before trying to do it on anything nice.