Winter is coming

Now that I am no longer intimidated by VCarve, I’m working on a backlog of gift ideas.

Figured out today how to do bitmap tracing w\ VCarve … with the help of YouTube :smile:

If anyone wants the CRV file just let me know, happy to share.


That looks nice and crisp, well done.

I’ll take the crv file if you don’t mind.

Here you go…

HouseStark.crv (2.8 MB)

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Thank you very much!

You are killing it!


And here’s another… Minwax wood hardener is drying, I’ll be painting both tomorrow.

I’m loving bitmap tracing. Here’s the CRV file, for anyone interested…

Targaryen.crv (5.1 MB)


Here’s both painted with the primary colors. I airbrushed the letters and logos, then rolled black over the whole thing using a foam roller.

I still have to paint the wolf’s eye and the dragon’s claws, tongue, eye and teeth, but nearly done. Lastly I’ll urethane and then cut the tabs, sand the edges and probably brush them in gold.

I really like the contrast of the silver and black…


Bummer. Cant use the files. my Version 8 is too old

Upgrade from 8 to 8.5 was free for me…in the program, hit the check for updates link in the menu.

wow that looks fantastic! Is that just MDF that you are then just using a hardener on?

Yeah, I cut in MDF, applied Minwax wood hardener (6-8 hours drying time) then sanded lightly, painted and now I’m waiting on the urethane to dry…

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What kind of roller did you use?

I bought a 6" foam roller from Menards. It’s from a company called Foam Pro, they’re Fine finisher rollers, white, a super fine foam, almost no holes. Item number is 176-10. UPC code is 042224176109, website is They came in a 6 pack.

I basically just put down a small bit of paint on a piece of wax paper, rolled it out until there was no bubbling or clumping, then rolled carefully over the top of the design. it worked perfectly, just coating the raised bits and not getting anything in the depressions. I was really happy with the results.


I love that technique. This seems much better than the masking and/or sanding I’ve done.



Looks like Amazon has them:

I’ll check that out, thanks

Love this - I want to do something similar with a GoT theme.

How did you get such a good cut on MDF? Whenever I’ve tried I always get a nasty finish on the edge of the cut.

I have the DW611 router with a fair selection of bits. I wonder if I have the router speed up too high (I usually crank it all the way up to 6).

Also noted that you are using 2 stage carving. I’ve not been too successful with that as I can never line up the Z axis correctly after changing to the second bit so I end up with a different depth of cut between roughing and finishing.

Once again - a great finished product!

Thanks. I just finished all the fine detail painting yesterday, urethane is drying today. i’ll post another pic once I get them cut out.

As for cut, I used a 1/8" down cut bit for all my roughing, and a V bit for the rest. There was literally no sanding required afterward.

I had the DW611 at 1.5, I’ve never needed to run faster.

For the 2 stage carving I use a combination of homing switches, G28 and then a probe to zero the Z axis.

I tried to do it without homing \ G28 \ probe and I got inconsistent results.

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Wow…1.5? Well then it’s clear to me I’ve been running it way too fast.

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