Winter is Coming!

Just wanted to share this sign I am working on for my living room! Love the new season so I had to make this. It landed up not being as big as I planned it to be but it’s still a good size! 20"x14". This is my first glue up I’ve done, and it turned out alright for a first try. Especially considering I was using MasterCraft tools (Equivalent of Harbor Freight tools I believe) Anyways I used the jointer for the first time after watching some videos. I’m thinking the jointer was either not calibrated or just an inferior product. I did not get clean joints at all and there was a very noticeable wobble to the fence that I couldn’t seem to tighten. So I think for the next one I am going to try a different option. Ive seen people use router table’s as a jointer, Going to try that next. The joints on the glue up weren’t the greatest but there wasn’t any large sized gaps so I guess it passes! I finally spent the extra money and worked with something that wasn’t Pine! I used poplar for this, although I DO regret it! I probably should of used Pine since it was my first time doing a glue up and would of been a cheaper mistake.

Carving this was a terrible experience! I probably should of just waited and bought the right bits for the job! The entire carve took about 10 hours and it decided to randomly freeze/timeout 6 hours through… Needless to say I restarted it and didn’t get to go to bed until 7am the next day. Lesson learn’t buy better bits. I currently only have a small tapered ball nose. I also freaked out as the fins I guess you would call them where coming out jagety, I thought for sure my machine was way out of calibration. But turns out it was apart of the design. Not sure how I feel about them I almost think it would look better with ought them. Enough talk here is the piece, Still got some more sanding to do, and since money is tight I’m just going to use the red mohogany stain that I have here to stain it. Closest thing I have to what I’d like it to look like.


Looks great. What program did you design it in

Should of mentioned I didn’t design the file. The file was bought from a 3d file site and then I imported it into vcarve messed around with it and got it cut. I use vcarve desktop


free myminifactory

Ya it was CGTrader, first time using that one.

Looks great Kasey…I like the details…

Personally, I would have much preferred to see Missandei … but the Wolf is a good second. :slight_smile:

Keep on carvin’…

Missandei not Melisandre, right?

As if I am going to be picky… :smile:

beggars can’t be choosers

pretty sure you could sell a few of those and make some money for bits. nice work

Ya but how do you sell something that took you 16 hours to carve :stuck_out_tongue:

winter has come…

This is very true. I try to stay away from them to. I’ve made 3 or so 3d signs and no one appreciates the time it takes.

I’ve heard most people still charge machine time. That s 16 hours I couldn’t carve anything else. The damn thing also kept me up the whole night. If I could get 90$ for this I guess I would be somewhat ok with it.

I’ve always been adamant on always watching the machine, I feel like anything can happen. I was on my computer beside my machine one day and I start smelling smoke. I turn around and my router collet is through my work piece and my waste bed burning the wood. Luckily no fire yet since I caught it within a minute. Since then I;ve been scared to even go upstairs while its on

Not that I have actual been paid for anything, but I have kicking around numbers, trying to come up with a pricing schedule. I picked number, $10 hr for machine time. (Later I did some calculations, estimating cost, deprecation, bits, electricity. It worked out pretty close to $10/hr :wink: )

So my formula for my base price is:
Material Costs + $10/hr machine time + $5 setup per board + $5 for staining. (more for painting - still figuring that out)
-20% Friends and Family Discount
-20% Prototype (Flawed / Defects) Discount

Most things work out being pretty expensive. :frowning:
Part of that is I don’t feel that confident about my skill, quality of work, or time.
So I figure better to set the price and add a discount then low ball the price and devalue my work.

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a 20 x 14" piece should sell for between 100-300 to the right fan. Put it on ETSY and see what happens!

what size bit did you use?

I bought the design and set it up in v-carve.
1/4 endmill and 1/4 ball nose for the finish pass. < 2.5 hours total.

I think I’m going to do it this weekend and let you know how long it actually takes.

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1/4 end mill then a .125 tapered ball nose

Gonna try to find a cheap 1/4 ball nose