Wire connection on stepper motor direction

Just needing to know which direction to have the wiring connection facing on the motor that is mounted on the X axis as pictured. Figured it needs to face the direction I have it shown while sitting on the board. Doesn’t say on this motor in the instructions and just want to make sure. Mount this, then just wiring and I’m ready to play!

Where are you mounting it? Picture of the location?

This one moves the spindle up and down. Sorry, I’m still learning all the parts and terminology of this fancy contraption lol

That’s the Z axis. The ideal position of the motor connector would be to have it facing towards the back (or facing towards the X axis stepper or 90 degrees clockwise from your picture). Your cable will go through the drag chain which is connected on the backside of the Xcarriage.

10-4. Thanks for the help!